Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer: Over-rated, but still lots of good things

Summer isn’t my best season, due mostly to the fact that it is too hot and humid to ever be comfortable running, plus the mosquitos are atrocious which can make working or relaxing outside decidedly un-fun. So a big fat double boo hiss to summer for messing with two huge parts of my life.

Anyway, I decided to make a list of things I actually DO love about summer.

- Butterflies and dragonflies
- Birds singing
- Swimming in a deep, refreshing lake
- Getting a tan
- Dressing very light when running
- Blackberries
- Fresh produce in general
- Long, long hours of daylight
- Greenness
- Open windows
- Outdoor shower
- Clothesline
- Thunderstorms
- Our Fiskars lawnmower

Cooling their paws after a big storm, from L-R Siku, Neeka, Mali, Jesse, Willy, Meela


Derrick said...

Summer isn't so bad afterall :)

JD said...

+ Pretty much all races +

Karenm said...

Yes Yes! AGREE!
Beastly bugs... but also those big beautiful...
butterflies and birds...froggies..and peepers.. and good great green veggie gardens...and ducks and thunderstorms!

Sue said...

Sara I feel like I wrote that post :) Summer is not my best season either for those exact reasons. Glad you found some good points that you like...I'm looking hard for some. I'm secretly wishing for best season.

Derrick said...

See, as Sue says it's all about prep for the the fall. With any kind of luck we'll both be healthy by then :)

Anonymous said...

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