Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'll have what she's having...

Nature Girl had her redemption run last week, and I set off for my long run on Sunday needing one as well. After my stomach woes last week, the goal was to get this one in without dying. Turns out I was sick with a stomach bug for most of last week, so that explains why last week's run went south so badly. I had a very light week of running as a result, so I went in to this one well tapered.

Derrick and I did a loop of Big Salmon and Little Clear Lakes at Frontenac Park, where the first hour was extremely technical. That tired me out and made my hips sore, but once we rounded Big Salmon into the northern part of the park the surface started to get smoother and I felt much better. We ended up doing exactly three hours, which was a big milestone for me. It was cold out so I was wearing lightweight tights, a jacket and a buff around my ears. Very different than last week's hot long run!

Last night I followed up with an hour trail run with some good climbs, trying to blow some more rust off from the winter of injury. Today I have nicely sore (as in not in an injured way) leg muscles. That feels good!

Derrick mentioned Fred the Breadmaker in his latest blog, but Fred isn't the only new addition to our household. We also picked up Viren, our new manual lawnmower from Finland. He is a Fiskars Momentum and works surprisingly well. We spent a bit more on a good quality design and we're glad we did. Living out of town we drive a lot, but we decided we could stop using the gas lawnmower at least. We're leaving wider borders around the edges of the lawn and encouraging wildflowers to grow. I think it is going to look great, and suits us nicely.


David said...

Awesome job. 3hours is HUGE, congrats

We just dumped gas too, but went a little less manual. We settled on the Neuton CE5 - http://www.neutonpower.com/TwoStepModelDetail.aspx?Name=CEMNeutonMower
Should be some good cross training pushing Viren around...

See ya Saturday, it's been too long.

Sara said...

Thanks David, it did feel rather good to get that in.

Neuton is very slick!! Thanks for posting that link.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Derrick said...

Viren enjoyed a short outing today before the rain.

Great workout and no fumes :)

Sara said...

Viren is now training for ultras! :)

Nature Girl said...

3 hours is smokin'! Nice! I try to live vicariously through reading about your FP runs.

We've had a push mower for a couple of years now and we love it... although it definitely needs a sharpen. We just use the plug-in weed-wacker on spots it can't get.

Dave - that mower is purdy. *drool*