Thursday, July 8, 2010

Training sensibly and seeing where that leads

All through the last year of spiraling down into injury and then building back up to recovery, I still "loved running" as a life philosophy, and basically just something I deep down really do love. But really? Many, many, many of those runs were pretty darn sucky. I was hurt, burnt out, and then finally just plain out of shape.

The last few weeks things are really starting to click again, and I'm loving running as an actual Thing To Do again, not just a theory. In a way I'm loving it more than I ever have, because I'm so revived and appreciative of it after the break from training, and I'm also returning in a sensible way.

This sensible approach business feels so good I think I'm going to continue it. Instead of my usual high weeks then really low weeks where I'm toast, I'm going to pace myself, increase mileage gradually, and just generally be a whole lot smarter.

I'm in the middle of a recovery week after three consistent weeks of 7-8 hours each, and I'm recovering really quickly while only dropping down to about 6ish. A more typical pattern for me might have been something like 11, 14, 4, 6 ....not intending the 4 or the 6 but paying the price. I still want to increase, but I'm not going to try going from A to Z all at once. Skipping those other letters is not a good idea at all. I think I'm going to really enjoy those other letters.


Derrick said...

Really great seeing that consistency starting to pay off. Looking forward to some great long runs again soon.

Johnny said...

While training sensibly may be good for your body, it's a bit boring for those of us who read your blog. It's much more dramatic to follow runners who log 16-20 hr weeks for a month or so and then get injured. Then we get to follow along with their rehab journey for a few weeks and then watch as they ramp up again with crazy mileage for another few weeks before getting injured again. It's kind of like an ultra soap opera. Oh well, there must be someone else out there with some drama in their training schedule.

I hope things continue to improve for you. Do you think you'll be running Haliburton this year?

Sara said...

Johnny, Ha, too funny. Probably no Hali for me this year. Not progressing as fast as I'd like, being so sensible and all. ;) Hoping to find something later in the fall.