Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Types of Runs

Some people, like Siku here, always seem to have consistently Good Runs. I'm not like that. Here's a small sample of the variety of runs that are in fact possible...

Kill You or Cure You Run - Feeling run down and zombie-like, and figure a brisk run will either push you over the edge to being sick, or magically make everything better.

Let's Snot and Just Say We Did Run - Those cold days when your nose is running harder than your legs.

Paranoia Run - Coming back from injury and worried the whole time that you'll aggravate it and make things worse.

Hurts So Good Run - The whole point - whether it be hills, tempos, intervals - is to get out of the comfort zone.

Bad Eats Run - Running too soon after a big meal or junk food. Significantly worse if the run is a workout. Could lead to the dreaded...

Runs Run - Dash to the bushes required.

Why Did I Bother Run - The rare run when you probably shouldn't have, for whatever reason. Usually end up wondering why you suck so bad instead of learning from it.

Fueled by Anger Run - Not typically a very long run as it starts out at a rage-infused, unsustainable pace before tapering down to a crawl when you calm down.

Puff and Pound Run - Up and down a mountain. No warmup possible, just up and up, puffing the whole way, followed by a quad-pounding descent.

Kill Me Now Run - Treadmill. 'Nuff said.

Not Even a Run - Crosstraining.

Calorie Run - Any run long enough to eat more than two gels.

Bonk Run - Shoulda brought more calories!

Sauna Run - Way too many layers.

Stripper Run - Ditching several layers mid-run. Sometimes right to the downright scanty. (You know who you are.)

Off the Map Run - Getting lost. Or going off-course during a race.

Knobby Tire Run - In serious mud and thankful for well-tractioned trail shoes to keep you on your feet. (Love my Crosslites!)

Zen Run - One-with-the-Universe bliss achieved on those days when everything feels good. Zen Plus if it's in the woods. Zen Minus if it's during a race (sorry, I'm just jealous). Aka Siku Run.


David said...

Seemed like a good idea at the time - Out and back run where you are feeling good on the way out and stretch the run, but die hard on the way back wishing you had turned around sooner. Also known as a character building run. Worse when you have the wind at your back on the way out.

More details on the Strip run - wonder who that is that is going around picking up their clothes after their run.

Sara said...

Oh yeah good one! I've definitely had those out-and-backs where I crawwwwl back. The wind can really be a trickster for those ones.

As for the other, I know nothing.

Derrick said...

...and I know nothing.

Kimberley said...

Sara.... you made me giggle over and over again. Love it. I could relate to all your types of runs. Thankfully, the let's snot one is mostly over with until next winter. Thanks for the laugh and so happy that you enjoyed your bonking. :)