Friday, April 9, 2010

More is more and less is less, but sometimes less is more effective

A long-recurring problem I've had with my training is that I think of my weeks as 'Mon - Sun' and try to cram in as much as I can handle, which leaves me in a position where my Sunday long runs get any scraps of energy I might have left over. Then I get frustrated when my long runs don't go very well and question how I can ever run ultras if I can't even do long runs!

So, over the past two weeks I've been following a plan that Derrick has set up for me. Right now, coming off injury and trying to regain fitness, I'm finding it very helpful to have these guidelines to hold me back earlier in the week and save something for Sunday. I think there is a place for my usual approach of trying to max out mileage every day, but I'm just not ready for that yet.

And really, seeing how well I seem to be feeling, I'm re-thinking my old strategy and might try to see how taking a day off a week works for me. (I do normally take days off on a 'as needed' basis, but sometimes by then it's too late to do as much good.)
It's hard to make the switch though. Now that I'm starting to feel a bit fitter, the thought of my zero day today is bugging me. I would really prefer to run a million miles. Okay, I'd be happy with four or five miles today. BUT....maybe I'll feel decent on my long run this Sunday, which would be kind of great.
I'm going to put my feet up and give it a try.



Sue said...

I find it hard to also take a day off running during the week. I'm not good sitting idle...not good at all. I guess I'm not really sitting idle thou as I'm still walking the dogs 6 miles a day but I still think I should be out running on top of that on my day off. It's probably good that your following a plan that makes you take the day off that way you'll end up having more energy and great Sunday long runs.

David said...

and that is the trick with off days. It is not that you take the day off, put your feet up and do nothing, just take it off running. As Derrick posts on my workouts - good time to go for a long walk or swim (or bike ride). However it must be hard with Derrick running two-a-days and your not able to run. Try making him take a day off :)

Sara said...

How about take the day off, put my feet up and drink beer? :)

Nothing works for me like running does, but you're (both) totally right, I should go for a walk with the doggles.

Deb said...

i LIVE for rest days! ahhhhh....
of course i am not so hard core as the rest of you folks.
and yes, i second what David says, Derrick should listen to his own advice...
hee hee!

Tom Craik said...

I love this post, Sarah. It's so true. If I don't get jacked on coffee on Sunday morning, my run consists of left over scraps of energy too. I've tried throttling way back on Saturdays, but there's some guilt that comes with that. What does a runner do, huh?

Love the blog. Thanks for sharing.