Thursday, July 9, 2009

That Dirty Magazine

The nice people at Trail Runner post their older issues online so you can flip through just like the actual magazine. (They also provide passwords for new issues to subscribers as an added bonus to the print version.) Go to and click the Free Digital Editions link to take a browse.

On a related note, congrats to Taylor Murphy for making the cover of this year's Trail Runner Trophy Series Race Edition! It's a great shot of Taylor taken at 5 Peaks Kingston, and can be found inside the June issue (as well as given out at the Trophy Series races).


EJ said...

Congrats to Taylor! He must be a handsome dude to have made the cover. I feel an URG coming on:)

Speaking of cover models...
Have you ever submitted a report or story to Trail Runner Mag.?

Sara said...

Glad to provide some URG inspiration. ;)

There's an article in Jan '06 about our Rideau trail fastpack.

EJ said...

What other "Dirty Magazines" to you read?
For some reason I never thought about picking up a running magazine. Running books yes, but never a magazine. I am saving "Born to Run" for up at the cottage next week so will have it back to you soon after.