Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jones Creek - New Trails!

On Saturday we did a trail run at Jones Creek Trails, part of the St. Lawrence Islands National Park. The park is made up of 20 islands and various mainland parcels stretching from Kingston to Brockville along the St. Lawrence River. Jones Creek has a network of 16 km of singletrack trails that are extremely well-marked and maintained. The trails are very technical with rocks and roots, and with the fallen leaves it was a bit tedious in sections. It was fun exploring along winding creeks and ridges, all under an incredible variety of tree types. We're planning on returning in the winter as the trails would be perfect for snowshoeing.

We found these trails on the website Explore the Arch. You can find detailed maps of many local trail networks on the site, along with tons of useful information and inspiration for future outings.

Jones Creek access point off of the Thousand Islands Parkway at Mallorytown.
Another beautiful autumn day in Canadian Shield country.
Leaves everywhere! We'd like to move into that cabin.
A meandering creek seen from a ridge-top lookout.
This guy looks right at home here.
Very long bridge spanning marsh and creek.
Across the Parkway from Jones Creek Trails. The land on the far side is NY.


Buttons said...

Wow that place is awesome. Another beautiful place I have never been. I seem to be missing a lot. Thank goodness I can always read about it here.
I can see you two living in the cabin, watching the stars at night, running during the day then retiring to a comfortable cot with the sounds of the wolves in the back round. Yup sounds good to me too. He does look quite comfortable.
Have an awesome trip it is coming soon Sara I look forward to your return and tales from abroad. B

GZ said...

NO SNOW? Aren't you in Canada or something? I am sure our humidex is higher now.

More seriously - looks lovely.

Derrick said...

Those were surprisingly nice trails. I didn't expect them to be quite that nice considering the location. Guess National Parks have the funds for stuff like that. Still can't get over the distance being marked every 100 meters. Crazy!

Karen SF said...

Would love to run those trails and that long bridge with you two - and I hope there's a guest room in that cabin!

William said...

Enjoyed the photos. Running through that marsh looks fun.

EJ said...

Thanks for posting the great pics and the link to "Explore the Arch".

Good Luck in China. Hmm did you ever think people would be saying that to you? I want to donate but they need my passport number???

Sara said...

Thanks, everybody.

GZ, no snow yet, we missed the big storm that hit the eastern US.

Karen - Please visit anytime!!

EJ - Thanks & No, I never thought! I don't think that field is mandatory.