Thursday, November 10, 2011

Half a World Away


I'm heading out for Taiwan and Hong Kong later today.

Our Trailwalker 100k (on Nov 18th) team number is 1000 (easy to remember), and there may be live tracking. See link from this page (part way down).

Deb cooked up this brilliant poem for me after I asked her about her success at sleeping on long flights.

Super tired I must be,
Before I can catch any zee's.
Movies till my eyes feel sandy,
Not tired yet?
How 'bout some brandy!

When you arrive at point B,
Do you want to be awake or sleepy?
With the local time
On your watch and brain
The trip should be sublime.

I'll try to post pictures and some words while I'm away, and will be back in Canada on the 21st. Looking forward to snowshoe running season after soaking in a big dose of heat while away.


Buttons said...

Sara have a blast. I look forward to seeing those photos and stories. Love the poem sounds like someone travels a lot:) Have fun I will be thinking of you nice and warm. B

William said...

Have a great trip!

Derrick said...

Still trying to find a way to fit in your luggage.

David said...

Safe Travels. Derrick will be a wreak without you, but he is using Kieth as a surrogate for a couple of days I hear (as a running partner that is)



EJ said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip.

Maybe if Keith runs behind Derrick and takes lots of pictures of him then Derrick won't realize you are gone.

J&R said...

Enjoy all of your experiences, Sara.

Aliza Lapierre said...

Yeah, Yeah, YEAH. Safe travels and enjoy yourself. I cannot wait to see photos and hear about it. Up, UP!

lonerunman said...

Have an awesome trip, Sara, it will be such a grand adventure for you gals! Hope it all goes well, and I will look forward to "watching" the race and hearing all about it afterwards.
Have a blast :-)