Monday, June 6, 2011


Um, where did May go? Looking back on it, training went well, with several long runs, increased volume overall, and even some ugly interval workouts. Next up for racing is Finger Lakes 50k on July 2nd. This is the race we did two years ago when most of the course was calf-deep in mud. It would be a relatively fast course if it were dry; I'm hoping for dry trails and dry air, how great would that be. I haven't done a 50k since that race actually, so I'm planning to get a few more good weeks and long runs before a decent taper.

My plantar fascia has been a bit sore the past several weeks, but after a good stretch yesterday doing some yoga, it feels fantastic today. I walked down the stairs normally this morning for the first time in a while. I was trying everything except stretching for it, but obviously that is what it needed. I'll happily add that stretch to my physio stuff.

After Finger Lakes is TransRockies in Colorado in late August, thanks to a contest for a team entry that I won from Derrick and I will run as a team for six days over beautiful trails in the mountains near Leadville. I'm glad we got a taste of Colorado running last summer so we know sort of what to expect from the altitude. We're both so excited about it, and incredibly grateful to have gotten in to the race thanks to IRF.

I never did get to see the coyote pups that Derrick found on a nearby trail (not for lack of trying), but on the last long run at Frontenac I did see a gigantic moose print which my entire hand fit inside of. I've never seen a moose or a print before, so I found it pretty amazing. And then just tonight on our run, we were rounding a corner and saw the biggest bear either of us has ever seen. It was absolutely massive. I had no idea black bears around here could get that BIG, and it made my heart jump out of my body, and when it returned it was pumping about 20 beats faster of pure primal adrenaline. Thankfully it was already darting into the bushes, but not before we got a great view of it maybe 15 metres away from us. What an amazing sight!!!! I hope he is a wise old guy who knows to stay safely hidden away in the woods.


Derrick said...

A good sign for the game tonight...Go Bruins!

Can't wait for TransRockies!!!

Lakewood said...

good to see you'll be back at fl50. It'll be just like old times :-)

hopefully like you'll be a bit less muddy this year.

Buttons said...

Wow I have never seen a bear that would be cool. Scary but cool. The moose track would have been a great site to see also.I am going to have to start running with you two.
Maybe not I would slow you down all that stopping and taking photos and all.
Be careful out there. But don't worry my Dad said they are more afraid of you then you of them. He was very smart.Enjoy your views.

EJ said...

Black Bears can grow from 4 ft to 7 ft tall and weigh up to 500 lbs. Their diet consists of fruits, insects and greens. I got that from my morning coffee cup. I gets alot of my learnin' from my coffee cups.

As soon as my heel(never call it plantar fascia. Call it your heely thingy)starts hurting me I walk on my toes for a while and it seems to go away.

I like the all the mud at FL50s as it makes for good comic fodder;-)

And congrats again for winning that trip. I don't think anyone else deserved it more.

David said...

Yes Congrats to the two of you for the trip. Will be a great adventure. It sure was a night for Bears last night.