Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trail and Ultra Running Blog Awards

There are so many to choose from, but here is a sampling of my favourite trail/ultra running blogs and posts. Any worthy additions?

Fav Funny Posts

Marit Fischer's grammatical pennance

Ultra Running Guy and Gal dreaming

Geoff Roes loves the marathon

Gary Robbins takes a trip across the border sans vital documents

George Zack is having a problem with snot

Meghan Hicks goes fastpacking in the land of phalli

Leslie Gerein exposes all in the name of the B.U.T.T. at Mt. Assiniboine

Is Lance Armstrong really running the Pike's Peak Marathon? asks Buzz Burrell (and while we're at it check out his ride in style)

Fav Photos

Jill Homer

Leslie Gerein

Fav Running Dogs

Strider Pup

Nelson and Boober




Fav Race Reports of 2009

JD Begin's 50 Miler at Haliburton

Jamie Donaldson's 24-Hours of Self-Transcendence on a Track...and an AR!

Devon Crosby-Helms' JFK 50 Course Record

Bryon Powell's Leadville Part 1 and Part 2

Derrick Spafford's Haliburton 100, along with David Bohn's pacer report.

Aaron Anderson's first 50k at Haliburton

1 comment:

Alaskan assassin said...

Ha! I read these posts and thought they all were great.

As for Ernie.....he the the best running partner I could ever ask for.