Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, Fresh Start

I've been increasing slowly, and ran for 40 minutes on New Year's Eve which felt incredible.

After, I took some moments to myself out on our back field before celebrating one of my favourite nights of the year. It was warm with some snowflakes gently falling, and the moon, even behind the clouds, made it light enough to see without a headlamp. I had happy dogs scattered all around me, and I was feeling very thankful for everyone in my life. Over the holidays we've spent some wonderful time with family and have collected nice memories and warm thoughts.

Looking up the hill at the house snuggled among the big pines, it struck me that the cabin in the woods I always dream about is sitting right there in front of me. The realization was typical of this year for me. I did some things that I am very satisfied with, but ultimately the real gift is that in doing them I know that as satisfying as reaching goals can be, happiness is more about being grateful for what we already have.

Best Advice I received when injured...

- Being Positive - After a rough day during our injuries, Derrick reminded us both that thinking positive is helpful and healing.

- Derrick encouraging me that once I get to the point of being in the woods for 30 to 45 or so minutes on a regular basis everything will seem a lot better, which is totally true and helped break the recovery into a manageable thing. Whenever I started feeling like I would never get back, I'd think of this and it helped it feel a lot closer.

- Derrick again, on improving form. If I hit a higher stride rate, I won't overstride. Turnover turnover turnover. Doing a lot of barefoot this summer helps it feel natural.

- Think Spring - Asking Greg Lehman about training and racing again and him telling me to 'think spring'. It made me feel kind of sick to hear, but it was good to know so that I could settle in to the recovery process and accept the reality of it.

Happy birthday to Meela, our millenium sibe and pack leader, who is ten.


Kea said...

A very happy birthday to Meela!

It's nice to read that you are feeling positive, feeling mentally/emotionally energized now, Sara. :-)

David said...

Welcome back - looking forward to a run together in our future.

Meela is awesome. Happy Day.

EJ said...

Hey Sara,
Spring will be here before you know it. Just look how fast this year went by. The years seem to slip by so much faster as we get older so try not to rush the next two or three months as it is time we can unfortunately never get back.
My favorite New Years Revelations-
Happiness is more about being grateful for what we already have.

Don't think about it, just keep moving forward.

finding a silver lining in disappointment.

finding your magnetic north but not necessarily following it.

Sara did you see the movie "UP"? It is a kid's movie but it is about a couple who dream of going on a great adventure. The movie pretty much starts out where the wife has died and the 80 year old husband sets out on the adventure they never took together. I won't ruin it for you but you have to watch it to the end.

Sunshine Girl said...

It's all about being in the woods. 5 minutes or 45 minutes, it's ALL good!