Thursday, November 5, 2009

Solo Flight, Feb 2007

I had the day off for Heritage Day, and I sat finishing my coffee while watching the sunlight stir up twinkles in the snow outside. Filled with a rush of energy that had nothing to do with caffeine, I sprang up and threw on my warm clothes and boots. I was on a mission - this was the day of my first solo dogsled ride with our huskies. (I had driven the dogs before, but had always had Derrick with me helping to hook up, and be there in case something went wrong.)

This was before we had Siku, so I had a four husky team. Knowing the dogs as well as I do made it even more special to share this with them. It was the most exhilarating expreience ever, working with the dogs and moving through the gorgeous winter landscape. The ride was about 25 minutes, though it seemed timeless. The last part was a downhill and they raced to the finish where they rolled in the snow to cool themselves off. I gave them snacks and we hung around all proud of ourselves for a while before heading home.

Later, when I had settled myself back onto the couch, the Olympians in my backyard started singing their sweet howling chorus. My heart sang along with them: thank you, too.

Here’s a video I took from the sled. As usual, Meela (in lead on left) is smarter than me. It’s okay, I’m used to it.


Sank said...

That is so cool. Not to mention there would be absolutely no way the 2 choc labs would ever do that :) the male would want to be on the sled with me

Sara said...

Sank, we have a hound dog who would like to ride the sled maybe too, but that would be it for her. She thinks the others are needlessly obsessed with running. :)

EJ said...

Good for you to get out there and do it by yourself. Were the dogs a bit confused? I can just hear them talking amoungst themselves, "I hope she knows what she's doing...but even is she doesn't who cares...were breaking out of this joint and going for a run...yeh!!!!
It looked like a sweet ride.

Anonymous said...


Have you really got snow there. Hadn't heard about the snow, don't let it melt before we get back.We have to get on that train and get back there.


Anonymous said...

Got a rush there about the snow until I read it again and saw the date. Maybe you could rustle up some snow before we get home.

Sara said...

Nope, no early snow yet. :( It's been sunny and warm though, which is also nice. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sue said...

Hi Sara
I love your dogs! Now those are real running dogs. I had a chance to drive a sled when I lived in the much fun.