Monday, October 5, 2009

Rock and Ice Clippings

We have updated our writing website Montgomery and Spafford Adventure Writing with a new Media page. It contains various newspaper and magazine clippings, including a Rock and Ice Ultra section.

Also about Rock and Ice, upcoming in the December issue of More Magazine is a story I wrote about three women who raced the K-Rock Ski event last year - Barb Campbell, Bev Wilson, and Shawne Kokelj. It should hit the newsstands some time in November, and features photography by Patrick Kane of Up Here Magazine.

Read up, get inspired, and sign up for this incredible race for 2010 as a once in a lifetime winter vacation race experience. You'll have the time of your life!



Kea said...

So cool to have a "famous" co-worker.

Why are you still here slogging away in the cube??? LOL!

David said...

Okay, that's it I'm sold - where do I sign up?

Thanks for posting those - some great articles - just scares me more - BIG Gulp!

EJ said...

I enjoyed your Rock & Ice "CHIPPINGS". Some I had not seen before and it was fun to re-read the others.