Monday, December 15, 2008


I have been working on increasing my mileage lately, while keeping my tempo run and speed/hill workout. I started by jumping up to a couple of weeks with over 13 hours, then a recovery week of about 8, followed by a 15 hour week two weeks ago (including a 4.5 hour long run). Apparently the jump of almost 2 hours was a bit much, because last week I crashed pretty hard, with no energy and lots of naps.

So this week I'm going to be a bit more careful. This kind of training is good for a multi-day race like Rock and Ice, because it trains your body to get used to recovering quickly. I'm still figuring out the best plan to get me to March, and it's always neat to see how the body adapts to specific training. Keeping well fuelled is essential, and I can be a bit scary if I run out of snacks!


Derrick said...

More snacks on hand in the house should definitely include Rolo ice cream and beer!

David said...

Okay - Lots and Lots of details are required as your training progresses 'cause I'll be following it closely.

Reading Derrick's and Michal's report Food during the day is huge. Don't think the Rolo will quite cut it.

Good Luck - I'll be watching, for Next year or the Year After

David (aka Strider from RM)

Sara said...

David - I agree that Rolo won't cut it! (That stuff is more Derrick's addiction than mine, hee hee.)

Are you doing R&I? You should!

More training details to follow. :)