Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Function of Felines

Sometimes Derrick questions the usefulness of our two cats. (Granted, they don't do much but eat and sleep, but I do like when they plop their warm furry selves on me for scratches and a nap.)

Anyway, yesterday I had my first run with a backpack and I was looking around for something to weigh it down with, when I spotted the perfect thing - a bag of cat food. It was 8 lbs, the perfect starting weight. It made a nice rattle as I ran through the snow, and hey, it's always good to carry snacks.


Derrick said...

Oh, but they do much more than just eat and sleep!!!!

Rocky likes to fight with other cats and Ozzy likes to, well ah, smell badly.

Sara said...

Poooooor Oswald! He's just so misunderstood.

And Rockerfella is a sweetheart who would never fight unless he was defending our house for us.


Eliza said...

Sara, I am glad you went for the cat food. For a split second there I thought you were going to say that you put your cat in your backpack.

Sara Montgomery said...

Eliza - Ha ha, great idea actually! For the weight I need next week, both cats in the pack should be about perfect!

Just kidding!!!!!