Friday, August 2, 2013

Slide Lake Loop Video

A little trail rambling from June 22 that has been sitting on my hard drive.


EJ said...

Awesome...Thanks!! Great to hear you are in a good place now in so many ways. Your recent races have all seemed to back up your feelings also. Of course I don't think that race results always mirror our health or strength(mental and physical).

Loved seeing the Slide Lake loop. How does it compare to your recent race technically speaking? Seems to be alot of overgrowth and not much of a trail in places. How does it fit into your training for Haliburton? Do think it is important to mimic race course conditions as much as possible during training runs?

I use heartrate to help control my effort also. However my hr monitor needs a new battery but I haven't bothered getting one yet because I figured out a neat trick for knowing my effort level without it. One(1) breath in with every 4 steps equals a heartbeat 130-139bpm, 1 breath in with 3 steps is 140-149 etc. I also count breaths out and as I pass through each level I lose a step on my out breath first so at 135bpm I have 1 in for 4 steps and 1 out for 4 steps, but at 139 it's 1 in for 4 steps and 1 out for 3 steps and so on. So if I am running up a hill and breathing 1 in for 3 steps and 1 out for 3 steps I know I'm at 140-145bpm and if I want my hr under 140 then I know to slow down till I can get 4 steps in for 1 breath. So figure out your own breathing rate at different intensities then when you need to know where you are at on that hill or straight away just count breaths to footsteps and you'll have a good idea:-) Or you could wear an hr monitor:-P

Thanks again for the video and commentary,

Sara said...

Hi EJ,
I do think it is important to train on terrain you'll be expecting in a race.
Thanks for the HR thoughts. I agree, breathing can tell us everything we need to know, it's just hard to listen sometimes!

two wheels north said...

I was out at Frontenac today running the Slide Lake loop. After spending some time online trying to guestimate trail length, I came across your blog. It seems like you have spent a fair amount of time running in the park.
Our loop began at Arab Lake parking area, down past campsite 2, north on the west side of slide lake, back on the southern end of Big Salmon Lake, and finally Corridor Trail back to the car. Have you done that loop? Any guess on the distance?
Thanks so much!

Sara said...

I would guess approx 25k, but it's just a very rough guess. I haven't logged by distance in many years. Hope you enjoyed your run!