Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer is here

June seemed to go by in a flash, and now it is well into July. I'm just finishing up with a week of very relaxing holidays. It was very low key with a good mix of doing stuff around the house, running, and lots of relaxing.

Training is going well, and we're looking at our next race coming up in a few weeks. We have run it before, in 2007, the Wakely Dam self-supported 56k on the Northville-Placid trail in the southern Adirondacks. We actually ran the old version of the race, which went from Piseco Lake in the south to Wakely Dam in the north, but the new version of the race runs in the opposite direction.

Last week I was in Sudbury for a conference, and easily found lots of very pretty trails. The conference was good, but having great trails around made it a lot better.

My feet got soaked crossing this beaver dam!


When I ran by it on the shore the loon took off.

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Derrick said...

Beautiful pics. Next time I'm going to your conference too!