Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friends on the Trail

Don't leave your friend behind.
A friend will follow you anywhere.

A friendly break.

Remembering a friend missed.

Telling your friend where to go.
Can you spot the friend?

Two good friends.

The support of friends.

A friendly place.

Lots of friends live in here.

Can I be your friend?


GZ said...


Derrick said...

The other friend was missing from the photos.

...was a great day.

Dad and Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like a great day. Sara should've been in some of those pictures.

Sara said...

Jack and Rosemary, I was in of my shoes anyway (the one that Siku isn't sitting on!) I let her sit on me and gave her a Lara bar too.

Buttons said...

Oh Sara I would be the friend indeed. Everyone needs friends like that.
I love the beautiful photos and I would certainly have loved to share that place with a friend or friends. Thanks for taking me along friend.Hug B

Sue said...

Dogs such great friends!