Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Westbrook Snowshoe Race

Last Saturday was the first ever Westbrook Snowshoe Race as part of the Dion Eastern Ontario Series. The morning of the race the skies had finally cleared after a huge snowstorm. The trails were very deep with fresh powder, which made for challenging but fun conditions. Unfornately the same snow was still being cleared off of many roads, so some racers were unable to get to the race.

It was a chilly morning but we all warmed up well once we got to work racing. I liked the conditions, and that everyone got to experience some deeper snow than we have had the past few years in this area. Going into the day I hadn't really felt like racing, but once I was a couple of km into it I started feeling really good and ended up being really happy I did it. You just never know.

Go here for a race recap, photos and full results.

Next race in the series is the Batawa Frozen Ass this Sunday the 17th, followed by the Switzerville Red Barn season finale on February 24th.

Race Start. Photo by Heather Spafford

Lots of snow flying at the start. Photo by Sean Hickman
Heading out to the woods. Photo by Heather Spafford

Joe Turner of Without Limits carving some snow. Photo Sean Hickman

Derrick and Heather perched for a good view. Photo Sean Hickman

Always good to be done. Photo Sean Hickman


Derrick said...

You looked strong! Nice to get a good series of races in this winter.

Derrick said...

I think you forgot to mention that you won too.

Sara said...

I linked to the results, and I also have a race list to the right.

Sara said...

Thanks, it was fun. Nice to be racing more.

EJ said...

Looked like it was a great day for snowshoeing. Congrats on your win.

Sara said...

Thanks, EJ!