Thursday, September 13, 2012

Haliburton 26K

My race plan for the Haliburton 26k last weekend was to go out a bit aggressively and see how long I could hold on. That didn't work as well as I had hoped! It was a good reminder to race smarter than that in the future. I was in third position among the women for maybe an hour, and then I started getting passed a ton as I slowed down a lot. The day-long rain left the trails very muddy, and the hills felt a lot longer and more difficult in those conditions. I was also delusional in only wearing a singlet and getting chilled, and I only brought two gels and no water with me even though it was obviously going to take a lot longer (my time was 3:42) to run the course in the conditions. When you don't race for awhile you can make lots of rookie mistakes!

Anyway, I got through it, muddy, cold, hungry, humbled, and hopefully a bit wiser for next time.

Muddy! Derrick's left, mine right.

At 2k, entering the muddy trails from here to turnaround.

Where's the finish?


EJ said...

Nice before and after pics especially the muddy one:-) Must feel good now to have that done and under your belt. Good that "Run For the Toad" is a two loop race so we can pick things up or drop them off halfway...I assume anyhow.

Sara said...

Hi EJ. The link to Rene's photos shows one of the nice muddy sections very well. :)
Yes, the Toad loop thing will be good for adding/dropping stuff. It should be a fun race. I hope it doesn't rain.