Monday, July 16, 2012

Trail Running Camp: Adirondacks

Day One. Not much drainage into Marcy Dam Pond.

Rocky ascent on Lake Arnold Trail to get closer to the high peaks

Old ties on Lake Arnold Trail, with moss grown up to their tops.

Rugged beauty

Lake Tear of the Cloud with Marcy hovering over

View south from Mt. Skylight

Skylight garden

Mt Haystack from Skylight

Marcy's hulking mass from Skylight. She's a lot more impressive from this side.

Me and Marcy. Brisk wind.

Down Skylight....

...and up Marcy

Almost there

Enjoying a rest on Marcy. Happy to be done with the big climbs. The guy who took our photo was only the second person we had seen for several hours.

Going down the other side.

A long, rocky descent back to camp.

Day Two, heading up to Big Slide Mountain

Lots of cool scrambles up over the Three Brothers

Views were worth the tired legs

This old forest was almost creepy at times. In a good way.

Out to a big slide (!) below Big Slide summit. 

Following a rock creek bed down to Johns Brook Lodge. Nice to be leveling off after another steep, boulder-filled down.

Friends at camp welcomed us back. (So yeah, camp was just us and the chipmunks.)


GZ said...

Sweet looking excusrsion.

Sue said...

Looks like an awesome place for some great trail running.

Sara said...

GZ, I hear the San Juans are sorta sweet too. ;)

Thanks Sue. Hope training is going well. Has your summer been crazy hot as well?

Derrick said...

Looks somewhat familiar. Can't wait to go back.

Sara said...

Looks somewhat familiar.

Chipmunks all look kinda the same. :)

Can't wait either!

Buttons said...

Oh Sara these photos are awesome I really enjoyed them. I think I must really go see this Marcy sometime. It looks like you two had a wonderful time. B

slowrunner said...


Duane said...

Great photos !

Rosemary said...

Great looking pictures, Sara.

Sank said...

Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing your trip. Love the chipmunk