Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fresh Start

I love January. I don't really do resolutions per se, but I do use the fresh start
to re-evaluate my priorities and how I spend my time. I'm starting 2012 by unsubscribing to 
all the blogs I've joined over the years. Nothing personal to anyone, they are all gone, even 
Derrick's! I want to free up time and head-space by cutting back on my internet time. 
I'll still check out sites and blogs, but just not as often, and not whenever Google prompts me to. 


EJ said...

Well at least you didn't DELETE! OH MY GOD, I just noticed my Followers list went down by one;-(
I will deal;-) Happy 2012.

Sara said...

Delete will happen some day. ;)
Yeah, the only reason I posted this is so that (hopefully) no one will think I ONLY unfollowed THEM!

Derrick said...

I'm hurt ;)

Ok, fess just joined Facebook didn't you??

Sara said...

Now now, don't take the crack addictions of others personally.

Good addictions:
- running
- coffee

Bad addictions:
- everything else
- coffee

Buttons said...

You go Sara everyone should do what they want to be happy and I know running is your happy.
I will not fault you for dropping off my friends list I understand completely. I would rather see you out running doing what you love rather then chained to Google.
All the best in 2012 Sara it is going to be a fantastic year.
Facebook is evil (just kidding) it is certainly time consuming I would rather be back in the bush.

Sara said...

Thanks, Buttons! All the best for the year to you too!