Monday, February 7, 2011

First Race Back

I am very happy to have been able to run the Frozen Ass Snowshoe Race yesterday. I was pretty nervous in the morning, not knowing how it was going to feel to try to run at a quicker-than-training pace when I've not done more than a couple of tempo runs. Turns out it was fine, I was able to run at what I felt was a good solid effort. A great way to start back. My left leg was a little stiff and sore right after, but it calmed down throughout the day and as of today feels really good. That's a really encouraging sign.

The course at Batawa was great. It went out for a couple of kilometres at a steady grade up, and the snow was very deep from the storm this week and getting more snow overnight. The new snow made the trees very pretty. We then climbed a huge hill, down the other side, and then turned around and went back the same way. So after that killer second climb (that just about did kill me), it was an easier return, especially with the trail being packed down more. That easier last section really helped me, I think I'd have been sunk otherwise.

It should be an interesting battle for the female series title, as Angela won the race yesterday after finishing third at Frontenac. As of now Angela has 1 and 3 pts, Shauna has 1 pt and Eliza has 2 pts. Lowest score of two best races wins. (Derrick, bring the abacus!)


Derrick said...

Great to see you back out there looking strong...and smiling at the end.

Should be an interesting final race. Are you telling me that you are wanting to run Red Barn too?

Buttons said...

Hey Sara Congrats on a great race. I am so glad you had fun.It sounds very beautiful in Batawa. See you at the Red Barn. I hope you got one of those big hugs at the end.

Sara said...

Ha, I've already committed to volunteering. ;)

Buttons, Thanks, and see you then!

EJ said...

Glad you held up well during and after the race. Those hills sounded brutal.

Are you training for anything now?

As for the series I think Shauna is going to be hard to beat if she shows up for the Red Barn race. Angela does seem really gung-ho for snowshoe racing though having done 2 of them and is already signed up for the 3rd.

David said...

So good to hear you're back. Great result on what I know it not an easy course. You must be so happy to be back after a tough 2 years. Congrats on climbing back on the horse so to speak....and of course we have to ask what is next...time to start committing girl.

Sara said...

EJ, Anything can happen...that's the fun thing about snowshoe races with so many variables! It will be a fun one to watch.

Thanks, David, yes it feels good to be starting to race again. We've been considering the chilly dog race, but it's really tough with weekends in the winter. Busy season. We'll see. Definitely some OUS and 5peaks races. I'd like to build mileage to a 50M in the fall, but at the same time working on speed at shorter stuff too. This 8k snowshoe race was the shortest thing I'd raced in 3+ years and I miss that.

David said...

The Chilly Dog will be fun and pretty low keyed, only 10 people signed up so far for the 2 distances, and you know you have a place to stay, but I think it will be a really tough run. It looks like there are two good climbs and one might be rope assisted. Keep me posted. There is something nice about shorter distance races, like being able to walk the next day :)

Sara said...

I read the course descrition yesterday and it does sound tough. We'll let you know, and thanks for the offer of a place to stay.

Indeed, the short ones hurt like heck, but then they're over. It's all good, 100m to 100M.

JD said...

Great job Sara!